Every child should have the ideal. 

Trust for Learning is a funder collaborative measurably advancing equity in early learning, making sure that our country’s most vulnerable children experience the highest-quality traditions available — what we call Ideal Learning.

We bring Ideal Learning to more communities by supporting high-quality providers to build their capacity to scale, influencing policy and practice, and implementing place-based models to make the ideal real. Learn more
It’s what parents want and science shows is best for children: a highly personalized, developmental approach to early education that focuses on the whole child, building their intellectual, social and emotional, and moral skills. Learn more
Standalone investments aren’t adding up to the big wins children need. Our funding collaborative helps you do more with others than you can do alone. The Trust facilitates collective impact with the highest quality. Learn more


Principles of Ideal Learning

Learn the foundational elements of developmental, high-quality ECE programs: this is a collaborative document written by members of the Ideal Learning Roundtable, the nation’s foremost developmental educators.

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Parents as Consumers

Understand what parents want in early childhood education: this is our comprehensive survey of parent motivations as they seek early learning programs for their children.

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Ideal Learning Made Real

Observe child-centric learning that creates a well-rounded, capable child: this mini-documentary, created in partnership with NationSwell, shows what Ideal Learning looks like.

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