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Trust for Learning is a philanthropic partnership dedicated to expanding ideal early learning environments for underserved children.

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We invest in projects that expand ideal learning programs in the public sector. Learn more about our partnerships to build an equitable early childhood movement, expand ideal learning in Head Start, influence policy, support networks of practice, and create more inclusive educator pathways.

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The principles of ideal learning sit at the nexus of equity and quality in early childhood. Informed by developmental science, ideal learning environments are play-based, child-led, and support parents and educators as lifelong learners.

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New Haven Child: An Ideal Learning District

New Haven Children’s Ideal Learning District’s goal is to create ideal learning environments for every child in New Haven between birth and age eight.

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Read our Latest Report: Ideal Pathways

Co-written by members of the Ideal Learning Roundtable and Trust for Learning, this report features snapshots of 11 educator development approaches and analyzes themes, tensions, barriers, and opportunities to scale equitably within and across them.

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