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Early Milestones Colorado

Policy Resources to Expand Preschool Ideal Learning Programs in Colorado

With support from Trust For Learning, Early Milestones Colorado new policy brief: Making the Case for Ideal Learning in Colorado connects and evaluated alignment between the Principles of Ideal Learning with the Colorado Early Learning and Development Guidelines (ELDGs). Building on the 2019 report on Ideal Learning in Colorado, Early Milestones mapped existing programs across the state, and produced a new brief to make the case for expanded use of these models.

For ideal learning to be equitably accessible to all families in Colorado, broader use in public and publicly-funded classrooms throughout the state is needed. Thus, this report also offers a practical roadmap to quality ideal learning, ensuring that all children benefit from supportive, whole child, and student-centered learning environments, as well as answer several questions: 

  • What will early learning be like when all children’s unique interests and abilities are (equitably) honored?
  • How do ideal learning principles align with The Colorado Early Learning and Development Guidelines (ELDGs)?
  • Where are current ideal learning programs (e.g., Montessori, Tools of the Mind) in Colorado situated?
  • How can we leverage existing public early learning environments to further promote equal access to ideal learning environments for all children?
  • How do ideal learning programs and educators demonstrate alignment with the head start early learning outcomes framework?

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