Trust for Learning supports experts in early childhood practice, policy, philanthropy, and research who are available to comment on childcare, public pre-K expansion, defining “quality” in early childhood, school readiness and assessment, the importance of play, and the value of the early childhood workforce. Learn more about their expertise and reach out to for general media inquiries.

What is ideal learning?

The principles of ideal learning are drawn from renowned early learning traditions and emphasize equitable decision-making, play-based learning, whole-child development, and the role of the educator and parents as guides who can support children’s self-directed discovery and growth. Read the principles of ideal learning.

What is Trust for Learning?

Trust for Learning is a philanthropic partnership with a shared mission to make ideal learning environments real for every child from birth through age 8. We invest in national leadership bodies like the Ideal Learning Roundtable and place-based efforts like New Haven Children’s Ideal Learning District. Learn more about all of our investments.