Our philanthropic theory of change is oriented toward five upstream wins.

We are a national philanthropic partnership investing in staff- and partner-led projects that drive progress in five key areas: movement-building, Head Start, policy, NH ChILD & networks of practice, and equitable educator pathways.

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Theory of Change

As a philanthropic partnership, we invest upstream in five big wins:
  • Support the Ideal learning movement to grow equitably
  • Expand ideal learning participation in and influence on Head Start
  • Shape policy to expand public ideal learning
  • Support New Haven ChILD and new provider networks to improve practice
  • Support or create more inclusive ideal learning educator pathways
To equitably expand ideal learning programs for children 0-8, we:
  • Change keystone policies
  • Build an equitable movement for public ideal learning
  • Shape the quality conversation

Support the ideal learning movement to equitably grow tenfold

We know that there are thousands of ideal learning advocates across the country who aren’t yet working in lockstep. Trust for Learning supports equitable movement building through convenings, collective publication, digital storytelling and the development of shared resources and tools.
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Expand ideal learning participation in and influence on Head Start

We believe there is huge untapped potential for ideal learning providers to participate in the federally-funded Head Start program. As a result, we support the Ideal Learning Head Start Network and other partners to measurably expand ideal learning in Head Start.
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Shape policy to expand public ideal learning

The policy landscape is complex and may unintentionally limit the expansion of ideal learning programs.  Through concentrated local efforts, state advocacy, and targeted national partnerships, we support effective policy action to increase access to publicly-funded ideal learning programs.
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Support NH ChILD and other provider networks to improve practice

We continue to support the nation's first ideal learning district, New Haven ChILD, as well as other community-based, early childhood networks to improve and expand their practice to serve children and families.
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Expand equitable ideal learning educator pathways

High-quality educators are paramount to create thriving, sustainable ideal learning environments. However, there is often a gap between teacher demand and the supply of well-trained, diverse teachers, particularly in under-resourced communities. We are working to change this.
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