Public Policy
Director of State Advocacy
Montessori Public Policy Initiative
Denise Monnier

Denise Monnier is a Montessori parent, advocate, and advocacy coach, striving for public policy that supports universal access to Montessori education. More than 15 years of teaching in and leading Montessori schools made her deeply aware of the need for equity in and access to high quality education. Denise‘s journey into education policy began when she founded an early childhood outreach program. Later, as a head of school and through her involvement in the Association of Illinois Montessori Schools where she currently serves as Executive Director, her advocacy efforts turned to statewide and national advocacy. Her work with MPPI is centered around supporting our state advocacy groups and equipping them with the tools and training they need to be effective advocates for children. Joining the Ideal Learning Roundtable has been an opportunity for Denise to broaden her perspective working collaboratively with the other members and bringing strength to the larger voice that connection has created.

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