Head Start IL Practice Movement Building
Montessori Partnerships for Georgia; Ideal Learning Head Start Network
Annie Frazier

Annie Frazer is the founder and executive director of Montessori Partnerships for Georgia, a nonprofit that expands access to Montessori through a network of public and community-based Montessori schools. As part of her work, she directs the Ideal Learning Head Start Network, supported by Trust for Learning. A Montessori child and public school graduate, Annie holds an AMI Montessori elementary diploma from the Bergamo Montessori Training Centre and AMI Montessori certification at the adolescent level. Annie worked for ten years as a Montessori adolescent guide and administrator. She has worked as a middle school teacher in DeKalb County Schools and has served on the faculty of the AMI Montessori Orientation to Adolescent Studies.

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