Educator Development Equity Movement Building Parents & Familes Public Policy Research
Movement-Building & Marketing Manager
Trust for Learning
Bridgewater, MA
African American Woman wearing glasses Smiling

Tobi joined Trust for Learning to contribute her research, methodological, and theoretical skills to the organization’s ideal learning movement building mission. Tobi is also an Early Childhood Education Ph.D. candidate at the University of Colorado Denver. Since starting her ECE career as an educator and researcher, Tobi has passionately been involved in projects and initiatives that are using evidence to make data-informed decisions that will be impactful in real-time and real-life. These initiatives, like working with new immigrant parents of young children at Immigrant Welcome Centers and organizations, are unique to her personal interest and passion to systematically eliminate inequalities in accessing high quality early care and education for families and children who look like hers.

As an educator, Tobi also teaches different ECE family engagement and child ecology courses to future early childhood educators at the University of Colorado Denver. She has also co-authored various research articles and publications on ECE and Head Start teacher and workforce wellbeing, ECE quality and child outcomes, and kindergarten transitions. When she is not a researcher or an educator, Tobi enjoys trying out new recipes with her 2 boys.

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