Nora Flood

Nora serves as the resident Education Rabble Rouser at Wend Collective. Before joining Wend, Nora was the President of the Colorado League of Charter Schools. Nora started at the League in 2008, first as Vice President of School Services, then as Senior Vice President, before being tapped to head the organization. With over 30 years of experience in education as a teacher and principal in international, public, and private schools, Nora co-founded The Classical Academy in Minneapolis, served as Head of School of Madison Country Day School, and served as Director of Sonoma Charter School. Nora’s passion is promoting opportunity, equity and access to learner-centered programs and experiences through community-driven solutions.  Her current work supports research and practice through innovative, collaborative projects with local, state, national, and international pedagogues and practitioners, while exploring partnerships with like-minded organizations.