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National Alliance for Public Charter Schools
Natalie Ethridge, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives National Alliance for Public Charter Schools [email protected]

A national forum for charter school professionals to support implementation of high-quality early childhood practices.

Context and Need

Hundreds of charter schools across the country currently offer pre-k programs, and many more are interested in doing so but face policy, funding, facilities, or other barriers. A community of practice can bring interested and experienced practitioners together to share best practices and resources to increase the number of charter school leaders implementing high-quality early childhood education (ECE) programs in their communities.

Goals and Impact

This grant supports the National Association of Public Charter Schools to establish an online community of practice for charter school educators to improve their knowledge of developmentally-appropriate early childhood practices. This community will leverage the knowledge and experiences of network participants and experts across the country to strengthen the implementation of early childhood programs in the charter school sector. The project will also share tools and resources that enable participants to integrate the Principles of Ideal Learning into their practice in meaningful ways. 

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