Stephanie MillerStephanie Miller, Executive Director

Stephanie Miller is the Executive Director of Trust for Learning. She has been working in the field of strategic philanthropy for twenty years, focusing on collaborative grantmaking in education and community development. Raised in Montreal, Stephanie received a graduate degree from McGill University and has spent her working life as a grant seeker, grantmaker and on the ground as a local and national community worker in Canada, the U.S. and overseas. Stephanie founded a national network of community literacy education organizations that served marginalized communities across the country. At the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, Canada’s largest private family foundation, she focused primarily on building national, multi-year, proactive education initiatives. Prior to her work with Trust for Learning, Stephanie maintained a philanthropic advising practice, advising a wide range of private grantmakers in areas such as wrongful conviction, children of war, gun control and the environment. In the corporate sector, she also worked with Manifest Communications, using social marketing as a vehicle for leveraging collective cross-sectoral action for non-profit organizations and causes. Stephanie is raising her two children in Weston, Connecticut – and it is her favorite job. Back to Leadership.

Email Stephanie: miller@trustforlearning.org