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serena-connellySERENA CONNELLY

Serena Connelly has been a trustee at the Harold Simmons Foundation for 14 years, where she assists local nonprofit agencies with funding. She is a social worker who co-founded the Human Rights Initiative of North Texas in 1999 to meet the legal and social needs of political asylum seekers, human trafficking victims, and unaccompanied child immigrants in the region. From 2008 to 2011, she led Demeter Project, a business experiment to raise the wages and ethical treatment of service industry workers. She has served as a director and advisor for Human Rights Initiative, Dallas Women’s Foundation, Dallas Zoological Society, TCU’s Institute of Child Development, TexProtects, and SMU’s Annette Simmons Caldwell School of Education and Human Development.

She is now supporting education development in Dallas, as well as the creation of new preschools in low-income neighborhoods, adaptations to preschool and elementary curriculums at traditional schools, and teacher training at the Montessori Institute of North Texas. She joined the Trust for Learning in 2012 and has contributed to its national research and marketing goals.

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