Who We Are

Ellen Roche, Executive Director

Ellen joined Trust for Learning in 2018 after graduating from a Montessori preschool and with many years of experience with schools, nonprofits, and foundations since.

Prior to recent leadership roles at two strategy firms, Ellen taught music, English, and humanities and discovered a passion for civic ed and the history of progressive schools while earning an M.Ed. She’s been lucky to teach and develop curricula across ages, settings, and approaches and is fascinated by the dynamic relationships between American schools, democracy and culture.

Outside of schools, she has developed and led workshops around the country on racial equity, political storytelling, progressive education history, and the hidden literature of American women. Over eight years as a strategist and researcher for various social change efforts, she became more and more oriented toward root-cause problems and structural solutions, most recently supporting a midterm voter turnout campaign and the launch of a national racial equity platform: Racial Equity Here. Ellen is honored to learn from and participate in the Ideal Learning community and particularly interested in deepening connections between racial and economic justice and infant, toddler and caregiver emotional wellbeing. Outside of work, Ellen participates in racial justice, mindfulness, democracy-building and environmental efforts, and has recently taken up birdwatching in the beautiful forests and parks of DC.

Email Ellen: ellen@trustforlearning.org

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