Our Strategy & Impact

Trust for Learning is a funder collaborative advancing equity in early learning by supporting the expansion of Ideal Learning in the public sector. Our approach integrates four key strategies, which evolve regularly as we learn and grow:

  • – We bring Ideal Learning providers together to work collaboratively to change the early education field.
  • – We build capacity to scale Ideal Learning programs—and reach significantly more children.
  • – We influence policies and practices to accelerate Ideal Learning in the public sector.
  • – We build place-based models to prove that Ideal Learning is possible for all children when communities come together around a common vision.

Our results are impressive and growing. Collaboration and infrastructure now exist through the Montessori Leadership Collaborative and Ideal Learning Roundtable. And New Haven ChILD, our first Ideal Learning District, is off and running with broad cross-sector support in New Haven, Connecticut.

Our 2018 Advancing Ideal Learning in the Public Sector grant competition yielded a number of new investments to measurably expand Ideal Learning in underserved communities. The Trust is actively supporting four collaborative grants that emerged from this process and will share learnings and impact in 2019.