Our Strategy

Trust for Learning is a funder collaborative focused on doing four things to create wide-scale change that few funders can achieve alone:

  • – We bring Ideal Learning providers together to work collaboratively to change the field.
  • – We build their capacity to scale their programs—and reach significantly more children.
  • – We influence policies and practices to bring Ideal Learning programs into the public sector.
  • – We build place-based models to prove that communities can implement Ideal Learning for all children through a variety of providers—and achieve measurable results.

Our results are impressive and growing. There is now collaboration and infrastructure where there once was none. Ideal Learning providers are better able to connect with the public about the motivations of parents when choosing early childhood programs, thanks to groundbreaking research. The Principles of Ideal Learning are influencing the larger early childhood education movement to address access to quality. And we have our first place-based pilot underway in New Haven, Connecticut.

Our Theory of Change

Learn about the steps we take
to make Ideal Learning real
for all children.