Resources by Topic: Preschool

Principles of Ideal Learning Programs

Collaboratively written by members of the Ideal Learning Roundtable, the Principles document outlines the core concepts that form the foundation of high-quality ECE, or Ideal Learning.

Parents as Consumers: Policy Implications

Comprehensive research on what parents want from early childhood education provides valuable insight on how to align public policies with public expectations.

Brady Education Foundation Lillard Study Summary

A study of high-fidelity Montessori public preschool programs shows they are effective at elevating all children’s performance and equalizing outcomes among those who typically do worse in traditional settings.

Research that Helps Move Us Closer to a World Where Each Child Thrives

Adele Diamond, University of British Columbia, 2015

Schools are curtailing programs in arts, physical exercise, and play to devote more time and resources to academic instruction.