Support the ideal learning movement to equitably grow tenfold

Trust for Learning began in 2011 by bringing Montessori leaders together through the Montessori Leaders Collaborative to imagine how they might expand access to Montessori early childhood programs for underserved children.

A few years later, we expanded our work to launch the Ideal Learning Roundtable with progressive education leaders similarly focused on public sector, accessible expansion. This dynamic group now includes eleven approaches representing learning environments from birth to eight across home, center, and school settings.

In 2019, we supported the launch of the Ideal Learning Head Start Network, which aims to expand the use of ideal learning-aligned curricula in Head Start and Early Head Start programs while also working together to influence regulation and policy.

Beyond these formal convenings, we are committed to equitable movement-building which centers the voices and leadership of communities who have been most impacted by historical and current inequities. We hope to support additional national and local networks to continually build and strengthen the movement for ideal learning. To support or join in our movement-building efforts, please contact [email protected]


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