Shape policy to expand public ideal learning

kids playing piratesTrust for Learning (the Trust) believes that we can collectively create a publicly-funded, seamless early learning system that supports the unique and unlimited potential of every child. In pursuit of this goal, we advocate with our partners for policy solutions that are rooted in equity and grounded in the science of child development. Through strategic national partnerships, targeted state and local efforts, and collective advocacy, the Trust supports partners in advocating for effective federal and state policies that accelerate public access to ideal learning.

The Trust’s policy priorities center on three key areas—access, quality, and workforce—and specific policy agendas are developed in tandem with partners. Recent projects have supported policy efforts in Colorado, Connecticut, and Washington, DC. The Trust also maintains an active role in national policy conversations, speaking at forums and conferences and commenting on federal guidance and regulations. A sampling of the Trust’s policy work can be found here.

Photo courtesy of Tools of the Mind.

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