Parent Research

NEW RESEARCH: Parents as Consumers of Early Childhood Education


Research from the Trust for Learning and its colleagues finds that parents clearly see highly personalized learning as ideal, and they know it when they see it. Parents are looking for early childhood education that is highly personalized, child-centric and supports their child’s development into capable, well-rounded individuals. The research also found that parents place a higher emphasis on developing social and emotional skills in their children’s early years, with 71% of parents finding it important that quality learning programs nurture their children’s unique personalities and independence.

This research helps providers and advocates of highly personalized early childhood education better understand the needs and motivations of parents across the socioeconomic spectrum.

We can ensure that parents’ voices are at the forefront of conversations about early childhood programs and policy by helping them ask the right questions to change the marketplace so that more Ideal Learning programs are available and affordable in their communities.

This study comprised a combination of existing literature on parent motivations and primary research in 2017 that included 12 focus groups and a nationwide survey of 1,449 parents.

Download the full Parents as Consumers of Early Childhood Education research report here.

Download the summary and implications of the research findings here.

Download talking points that explain the research and its impact here.

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