Montessori Leaders Collaborative


Wendy Shenk-Evans is a collaborative and strategic leader whose commitment to social justice has shaped her vocational choices. As a veteran Montessori school administrator and Montessori parent, Wendy has seen the transformational impact that a Montessori education can have on the lives of children. Her passion for making authentic Montessori accessible and available to more children inspires her public policy work.

Wendy has been involved in MPPI’s work and leadership since 2014, serving on and chairing the MPPI Council, overseeing MPPI’s strategic plan development, and leading workshops at numerous Montessori conferences. Accomplished in state-level advocacy and state and national coalition building, she successfully advocated for policy changes to help Montessori programs in Washington, DC flourish.

Experienced in mission-driven organizational development and rooted in strategic thinking, Wendy is honored to serve as MPPI’s first Executive Director and lead its efforts to transform the policy landscape so that children of all ages can have access to authentic Montessori education.

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