Montessori Leaders Collaborative


Faybra Hemphill is the Director of Community Engagement & Racial Equity at City Garden Montessori School. She was recently appointed to serve as the Director of Racial Equity, Curriculum and Training for the 2017-2018 school year, and will be a contributor to the Montessori for Social Justice Teacher Training working group. Prior to her involvement at City Garden School, Faybra worked as an AMS certified Primary Guide. Faybra holds a M.Ed. in Elementary Education, and an AMS Early Childhood Teaching credential. Her Bachelor’s degree is in African-American studies, where she nurtured special interest in Critical Race Theory, and the African Diaspora. Faybra has conducted research as a Ronald E. McNair Scholar, and has a deep love for research in antiracism and intersectionality. She believes that her worldview, educational background, and passion for equity answers the call for action, diversity, and expertise in the Montessori for Social Justice community leadership. She plans to do her part in thrusting Montessori communities forward by shifting our conversations, training sources, and support mechanisms into a more meaningful and equity-centered direction.

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