Delivering Ideal Learning

Ideal Learning helps all children develop into capable, well-rounded adults. Find out what Ideal Learning is and how we support it through collaboration and innovation. Read stories of Ideal Learning providers and learn more about the places we’re working.

Principles include a commitment to play, relationship-based interactions, equity, and a child-centered perspective. Principles of Ideal Learning
A four-page brief on Ideal Learning: what it is, how it works, and why all children need it. Principles of Ideal Learning
A mini-documentary showing what Ideal Learning looks like: evidence-based, child-centered, developmental learning. Watch

Catalyzing Action Through Collaboration

Montessori Leaders Collaborative

Leaders of national organizations help guide Montessori expansion in public and private programs throughout the US. Learn more

Ideal Learning Roundtable

This group of developmental early childhood providers ensures Ideal Learning programs are represented in policy and practice. Read more

Assessment Pilot

A national pilot to help high-performing ECE providers assess executive function-related child outcomes. Read more

Ideal Learning Providers in Action

Tools of the Mind

Using play to build key skills and technology to measure impact, Tools of the Mind is empowering schools through play-based learning. Read more

Bank Street

Founded in the tradition of progressive education and centered on learners, Bank Street is based on sound developmental principles. Read more


The Montessori approach centers on hands-on exploration and experimentation to help children become lifelong learners and doers. Read more


The curriculum is centered on active participatory learning: constructing knowledge by interacting with objects, people, ideas, and events. Read more

All Our Kin

All Our Kin trains diverse, high-quality educators who lift children to greater heights through effective early childhood development. Read more

Reggio Emilia

Reggio Emilia cultivates children's skills and abilities through relationships with parents, teachers, and the learning environment. Read more

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Our Place-Based Initiatives


Our first place-based initiative, NH ChILD is a city-wide collaborative that implements Ideal Learning across a variety of early childhood providers from birth to age five. Read more

NH ChILD White Paper

By examining the opportunities for growth in New Haven, this Case for Support revealed that the youngest citizens and their families need more Ideal Learning. Read more

Looking Forward: ChILD

The Trust is exploring additional communities where modest investments and Ideal Learning can make a huge impact on underserved children.