Our Place-Based Initiatives

Place-Based Investment

A Strategy for Showing the Community Impact of Ideal Learning

Access to Ideal Learning can transform the lives of children and the communities in which they live. It is critically important that we prove that point with real-life examples to provide policymakers and community leaders the confidence to invest in Ideal Learning programs for all children. Our place-based strategy to develop “children’s Ideal Learning districts” (ChILD, for short) is meant to show that Ideal Learning can be scaled across communities by a range of public and private providers, each with different programs that align with Ideal Learning principles.

The first of these place-based investments is NH ChILD in New Haven, CT, where at least 1,966 children under age five lack access to high-quality early care and education. This contributes to lower academic performance, particularly among low-income students. NH ChILD is addressing these problems by increasing the number of places available in early care and education programs while also dramatically improving their quality. NH ChILD is expanding and replicating existing models of programs that are aligned with the Ideal Learning philosophy and approach, creating seats for every one of those 1,966 children who have lacked access to high-quality, developmental ECE.

While far from completion, the progress to date with NH ChILD shows that communities are ready to embrace Ideal Learning as a vehicle for improving the lives of children and the quality of life for all, in New Haven and beyond.